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Transform Your Designs into Stunning Embroidery with Our Custom Digitizing Services

Are you tired of dealing with poor-quality embroidery digitizing services? Look no further! 

Our embroidery digitizing service is the best in the USA, providing the highest quality custom digitizing services that will take your embroidery designs to the next level.


Discover the Power of Digitizing Service for Embroidery

If you’re in the apparel and promotional industry, you know that high-quality embroidery can make all the difference in your products.

But creating embroidery designs that truly stand out can be a challenge, especially if you’re not an expert in digitizing.

That’s where our custom embroidery digitizing service comes in.


Embroidery Digitizing Service as Expected.

Becoming part of your promise made to your client means us to provide accurate and on time.

We have two turnaround times you can select.


Urgent shifts your order at the top of our queue, so its the next job we do.


In normal circumstances, 8 hours is the processing time we take.

Time management-amico

Send out winning quotations.

When you win a deal, we win too. Our estimates can give you a basic idea of how many stitches will a design take.

So, you can make your calculations and plan your quotes accordingly.

Embroidery Digitizing Service

Client Proofing with sample sew-outs.

The samples we do can not only test embroidery design’s stability. But it can also act as a Proofing material for you.

A few things we add on sample sew-outs.

Worlds leading embroidery software.

We design your embroidery files with the worlds most renowned digitizing software.

And we say, “NO TO PIRACY”.

Embroidery file formats.

Variety of file formats we can provide to you for maximum compatibility with your machine or software.

Native format

Wilcom – EMB

Machine file formats

Tajima – DST

Melco – EXP

Melco – CND

Brother – PES

Barudan – DSB

Janome – JEF

Pfaff- PCS

Husqvarna – HUS

Compucon – XXX

Production worksheets

All production-related information on a single worksheet helps you know what color, size, etc. you’re working with.

Production worksheets come with every design we make.

Embroidery types, styles & methods

Our team of expert digitizers can help you come up with what you have in mind. Using their skills and techniques they can create artistic embroidery designs.

A few to mention are below.


Embroiderers use various styles to create eye catching embroidered products.

We can create styles in embroidery digitizing.


The most common style used. Includes mainly satin and tatami stitches.

3D Puff

Great style for creating raised embroidery that stands out.


Another style that no only looks good, but a cost saver. Can be used to replace tatami fills in large areas.


Embroidery digitizing can expand to a lot of types and use cases.

We have included some of most popular types.


Get business logos are digitized for embroidery keeping their appearance intact.

Team Names

Embroider for teams, small or large with ease.


Create customized products for you clients with their initials or monograms.


Convert photos to embroidery with photo digitizing.


Methods are basically about how the products are embroidered on the machine. The industry uses mainly two methods to embroider.

We can optimize the digitized file to adapt the method.

Flat bed

Embroider on products that are open like table cloths, aprons, towels etc. or unstitched garments.


Add value to ready made products by embroidering on.

How much does it cost?

We have built our pricing model to fit every business type and size. No matter if you are a Embroiderer or a Promotional Distributor you can select the desired pricing model.

The pricing is split into two categories Stitch based and Flat (per Design).


We have compiled a few questions related to embroidery digitizing. To help you find your answers.

We will welcome you on board with a set of test files. So you can experience and give feedback. It will help us gain insights beforehand about the quality standards you are expecting from us.

Yes, we do offer a trial order for you to see our turnaround, digitizing quality, and experience the journey of working with us.

No, we don’t charge anything in advance. We will do the digitizing process and send a preview to you. Then you can make your payment and download your files.

No, you will only get a preview or a scanned sample sew-out (if ordered) before paying.

Unlimited, there are no limits whatsoever on how many edits you need. We will work until fulfillment.

ASAP, because it is an even higher priority than our urgent orders. But it still depends on the amount of work that is required.

No, you do not need any software for ordering or downloading. But if you wish to edit or view your embroidery design you may need one. It’s entirely up to you what software you choose.

Urgent orders are set as a high priority and are processed first. The amount of time it will take depends entirely on the complexity and will need the time accordingly.

PDF is the format we will send. Any PDF reader can open this file and are printable too.

Yes, we will include outline files for every applique. These files are then used with laser cutters to cut appliques.

Lifetime, there are no time limits for how long we will store your designs.

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