Embroidery Digitizing

Make you embroidered products look better.

Embroider professionally created designs onto your products and make your customers love them. With our embroidery digitizing service, we ensure quality, delivery and satisfaction.

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Features that gives you peace of mind.

  • 8 Hour Rapid Delivery

    Super-fast same day delivery.

  • Lifetime Unlimited Revisions

    The reason to guaranteed satisfaction.

  • Consistent Quality Every Time

    Secure your company’s dignity.

  • Optimized Stitch Quality

    Gives better result and cost savings.

  • Auto digitizing is not our thing.

    There is nothing such as magic when it comes quality digitizing. We create every design from scratch and by hand, to develop integrity with the materials used in the process.

    Significant differences are seen in auto vs human digitized designs. Artificial intelligence can’t beat humans, especially in art.

  • We sample what we digitize.

    Sample test is the only way to see if the digitized design is performing well enough. We can take care of the sampling for you, so you don’t have to engage you machine.
    However, we do test runs on designs that are subject to any expected failures.

  • Made for you. Stays with you.

    Every design you order is designed by your requirements and belongs only to you. No matter if its been digitized for 100 times before.

Embroider on different materials with ease.

We oppose to “one fits all” approach, as different materials behave differently. For every type of material design needs some tweaking to compensate the behavior for a specific material.

When you need the same designs to perform on multiple fabrics, our staff will provide digitized files for each specific material to sew with.

Caps look more gorgeous with puff.

Embroidering “Puff” can be daunting sometimes if not done right. More often when not digitized for that purpose.

Our skilled staff knows what it takes to embroider puff on your caps. And provide you with a stitch file designed for puff, makes it easier for you to produce puff designs.

Use appliques to create eye catching styles for your customers.

Producing attractive apparel is what every decorator wants to achieve. Use of appliques in embroidery is one of well-known methods.

When designing for appliques many factors are considered, accurate cut file, machine stops, positioning for ease of access, are just few of them. We know how it’s done.

"Fast and inexpensive! Never had an issue and my files are always correct. I love the input when they think the file will not stitch correctly due to artwork not perfect!"

Richard - TGUC.

Reduce your upfront cost with our cheap pricing.

Two popular pricing methods for you to choose from.

Fixed Flat Rates

Simple yet effective. No stitch counts, just pay for what you’ve ordered.

Left Chest / Caps


max 4.5 x 4.5 Inches

Center Chest


max 8 x 8 Inches

Jacket Back / Full Front


over 8 x 8 Inches

Stich Based Rates

The evergreen stitch based rates, for flexibility to stay on budget.

Per 1000 stitches


min $6.25 (5000 stitches) | max $87.5 (70000 stitches)

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It’s the best way to test our digitizing service and see the difference.

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